Capturing the essence of your brand and your products or services
on video is what we do best.

If a picture tells a thousand words
then a video tells the whole storyin vivid, attention-grabbing detail.

It’s all about making you shine.

Steadfast – Experienced – Professional

Started in 1989
We are a Full-Service Video Production & Commercial Photography Company in Northwest Florida, South Alabama area. We help them communicate their message effectively.

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Insured:  $2million Liability


We will travel anywhere you want us to go.
Clients served in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana


What does full service mean to you?

We focus on the message, not the tech. We are able to convey your message with precision and purpose because when we work on projects, we are able to do everything from start to finish. We also have all the necessary equipment to create the best possible outcome for your project.

The Purpose

We have extensive experience with all forms of production. Whether we are shooting for internal use, marketing, special events, or demonstration, we can make sure your project is handled professionally.


By Land and By Air

Network Broadcast Quality 4K & HD Video Professional Full Frame Photography High-End Drone 4K Video & Photography Sound System


Support Services

We provide the support services surrounding videography so there is a cohesive flow from start to finish. This also means your project will never be put on hold or delayed because someone is not coming through on their part.





Happy Customers

“Martin is always enjoyable to work with and has the experience we require.”

Chad Powel, Discovery Channel

“Martin is our ace solution, the direct are we need.”

Dale Faust, Exe Producer, Outdoor Channel

“While Martin will bring you the latest and best hardware for the most up to date production , he will also bring his knowledge, experience, and artistic flair. He is much more than a “cameraman” – Martin knows his stuff, from cinematic framing to lighting and sound . it is wonderful to work with an honest and talented producer.”

Jeff Haddan, Hadden’s Home Furnishings Inc., Milton, FL

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